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For example, wildlife biologist Dr. A study of spider venom looks deeper into its molecular makeup than ever before. For an infection to occur, bacteria must travel up the urethra. You are right that our liquid excretions can contain pollutants. Another beneficial use of urine is as an additive to enrich compost. Causes Diagnosis Treatment Prevention Why does my urine smell sweet? There are a variety of reasons why your pee smells sweet.

Urine basics for deer hunters

How To Use Pee In Your Garden

Obviously, the stiff shot of nitrogen and a bit of moisture both help, and the uric acid urea is also very beneficial. But the female urinary tract is a different story — It is an express trip from the bladder to the to the urethral opening, just a half an inch above the vagina. The scenarios range from shrinking world energy demand 15 percent by to constraining it to a 17 percent increase. Poor triggered insecure wittle man. Men telling me what my body is doing, makes me livid. The bladder was full before squirt and empty after. Did they win the the sample through a Mass Spectrometer?

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Over time, some minerals in urine will precipitate especially, calcium and magnesium phosphates. Their conclusion is contrary to their own stated results. Enjoy your intense squirting orgasms and let the uneducated remain unsatisfied. Causes Diagnosis Treatment Prevention Why does my urine smell sweet? Formulating Fertilizers?
This is science, your opinions and internet forum wisdom do not check out. It contains PSA which is also a component of male ejaculate. My urine goes into a biogas digester I built in my back yard. Unaccepting that we are just animals like everything else? What is your urine trying to tell you?
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